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Alzheimer’s Disease may make it difficult or impossible for a neglected person to:

  • Recognize that they are being abused
  • Remember their abuse after it happens
  • Report their abuse

Signs of Alzheimer’s Abuse

This puts people with Alzheimer’s at a very high risk of being physically, sexually, emotionally, or financially abused. However, the only clues to abuse may be subtle changes in the neglected person’s mood, health, or behavior. For example:

  • Physical signs: New or untreated injuries; new or worsening illnesses; unmanaged bedsores; malnutrition; dehydration; poor hygiene
  • Behavioral signs: Agitation; aggression; suddenly not wanting to be touched; or other behavior changes
  • Emotional signs: Mood swings; sudden withdrawal from favorite activities; sudden depression
  • Financial signs: Sudden unexplained money problems, lost valuable items (like jewelry), or changes in financial situations
  • Cognitive signs: The person may seem as though their Alzheimer’s has suddenly gotten much worse. They may have a sudden loss of communication abilities.
  • Other signs: There are many other potential signs of abuse. For example, if a neglected person’s medication continually disappear or run out early, a caregiver may be stealing them.

If you think a person with Alzheimer’s Disease may be suffering from abuse, please get help now. Contact us today for immediate assistance.


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