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Resident abuse can be committed by some paid caregivers – like nursing home staff and personal care attendants.

Caregiver stress is one of the leading causes of resident abuse. As of 2015, about 18.2% of adults in the United States were acting as unpaid caregivers.

However, some caregivers vent their anger by physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially abusing residents. Often, abusive caregivers see residents as a burden, and come to resent them. Usually, physical abusers are dependent on the resident for money; this too creates resentment.

Aside from stress and resentment, many other factors can lead caregivers to abuse residents. Caregivers with substance abuse issues may steal residents’ medications, while those in dire financial straits may commit financial abuse. Sexually or physically abusive individuals may merely see residents as an “easy” target, especially if those residents have physical or cognitive vulnerabilities.

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