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Just as there are many types of elder abuse, there are many causes. For example:

  • Vulnerability. Abusers often seek out vulnerable victims. Sexual offenders and physical abusers may be drawn to residents who cannot defend themselves, while stressed caregivers may find residents an easy target for anger. Memory issues, communication difficulties, and other disabilities can make it difficult or impossible for a resident to recognize or report their abuse.
  • Understaffed nursing homes. Without adequate staffing, residents may not receive the care they need. This can lead to potentially fatal complications, like untreated bedsores or missed medications. Unfortunately, some nursing home staff do choose to physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse their patients.
  • Financial issues. These can impact whether a resident has to remain with an abusive caregiver, or in an inadequate nursing home facility. Unfortunately, residents with cognitive issues are more easily manipulated out of their funds, and are at high risk for financial abuse.

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