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Financial abuse or exploitation at a nursing home is the result of using a resident’s money or property illegally or improperly.

Examples of financial abuse

  • Stealing an elder’s property or money
  • Cashing an elder’s check
  • Forging an elder’s signature
  • Using deception or coercion to get an elder to sign financial documents
  • Misusing a legal power of attorney

Who commits financial abuse

Most financial abusers are people with close relationships with nursing home residents. However, financial abuse can also be committed by service employees and professionals, like nursing home caregivers.

Preventing financial abuse

Loved ones can help prevent financial abuse by being aware of its signs and keeping in close contact with the elder. They can also be wary of potential abusers by checking caregivers’ references; monitor bank accounts for suspicious activity; and assist elders in financial management through automatic bill-pay and direct deposit. Contact us if you have been a victim of financial abuse in a nursing home.

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