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How Do You Choose a Nursing Home?

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is extremely difficult and stressful for everyone involved.  Your loved one’s doctor can provide a professional opinion about whether he or she requires a skilled nursing facility.  There may be other options, like home health services.

Once the decision is made, choosing a nursing home for a loved one is no easier.  With so many nursing homes to choose from, how does a caregiver make the right decision?

First, narrow down your options.  A good first step is to call your loved one’s insurance company and get a list of nursing homes they cover.  If you have any other prerequisites, like the location of the nursing home, this will also narrow down your list.

It is crucial that you visit the nursing homes you are considering for your loved one.  If at all possible, your loved one should accompany you on these visits – after all, you are searching for their new home.

If possible, the opinions of all family members should be considered, and ideally the final choice of nursing home would be a mutual agreement among family and the resident in question.

Once your loved one moves into a nursing home, the most effective thing you can do to protect them is to visit or stay in touch frequently.  Residents who have frequent visitors are less likely to experience abuse, neglect, or unnoticed illnesses.


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