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Nursing Home Insurance Issues

Nursing home care can be very expensive.  As of 2016, the average cost for a private room was $7,698 per month – over $92,000 per year.  For a semi-private room, the average cost was not much more affordable: $6,844 per month, still over $82,000 per year.

Medicare will cover nursing home stays for a certain number of days only.  However, the nursing home must have a contract with Medicare – not all do.

Once a resident uses up their “Medicare days,” they must pay for nursing home care some other way.  If the resident still requires a skilled nursing facility, long-term healthcare plans are available which cover part of the cost of nursing home care.

Additionally, because of Medicare’s limits and the high costs of nursing home care, many residents choose to purchase supplemental plans.  These plans work in conjunction with Medicare, and cover some of the things that Medicare does not.  Some residents may also be able to continue getting health insurance from a former employer, if they have a pension plan.

Sometimes, when a patient’s Medicare days run out, a nursing home will say that they have no long-term care beds and will try to force the resident to leave right away.  This is illegal.  The facility must provide at least 30 days’ advance notice, in writing, before they can force a resident to leave.

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