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Nursing Home Legal Issues

Unfortunately, abuse and negligence are common in nursing homes.

Your loved one may have a legal case against their nursing home if:

  • They are abused by a staff member
  • They are abused by another resident, and staff does nothing to prevent it
  • A staff member commits negligence, which harms the resident

A qualified lawyer can help you decide whether you have a case against a nursing home.  It is important to choose a lawyer who has experience with nursing home cases.

Aside from filing a lawsuit, you have other options if your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home.  Each state has its own processes for reporting suspected resident abuse.  For a listing of resident abuse hotlines by state, visit, or Google “resident abuse hotline” along with the name of your state.

Adult Protective Services can investigate suspected cases of nursing home abuse or neglect.  However, they cannot force a person to receive protective services.  If an resident does not want help or says they are not being abused, Adult Protective Services cannot act against their will.  However, if the resident is willing to cooperate with the investigation, and sufficient evidence is found, the state can take legal action against an abusive or negligent nursing home.

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